Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Former Syrian-Druze rebel leader dies in Austria

Former Druze rebel dies in car accident 
The Daily Star
A former Druze rebel commander in the suburbs of Damascus was killed in a car accident this weekend in Austria, his friends said. They said Hussam Dib was en route to Germany when the accident occurred. Supporters of the uprising against the Syrian regime praised Dib as the founder of the Bani Maarouf Commandos militia, which attracted rebel fighters from the Druze community as well as other sectarian affiliations in the eastern Ghouta suburbs of the capital. However, Dib’s group, which later changed its name to the Youssef al-Azmeh Brigade, was unable to continue fighting due to funding problems and pressure from Islamist militias. (...)
Hussam Dib announcing the establishmen of the Bani Ma'ruf Commando in late 2012

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